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**Levenmouth season 2018-2019**

The new league season will start on Thursday the 9th of August. There is 12 teams this season. Everybody will play everybody once before the league will split into 2 halves of 6 (Split from 13 December). In either half teams will play each other again another TWICE. The league games will finish 21 March. The teams in the bottom half will be competing for the consolation/League cup so they have something ...to compete for, while the top half competes for the league title.

After the league games have finished the later stages of competitions will commence every Thursday untill mid may (there is reasons for this which was discussed at agm.) Finals day will be on Saturday the 18th of may 2019, with presentation night the following Friday 23 May 2019.

Any players wanting to be added to competitions must enter at the August 27 meeting  


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Super 11's Division 1 Quarter-Final Levenmouth 'A 5-6 Arbroath 'A

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