Levenmouth & District Pool League

Amended July 2017





1.1     The league shall be known as the LEVENMOUTH AND DISTRICT POOL

LEAGUE and here in after referred to as “THE LEAGUE".

1.2     In the event of sponsorship of the league, the league council may adopt any

other suitable name for the league.

1.3     The league is to be affiliated to the SCOTTISH POOL ASSOCIATION for the forthcoming




 2.1    The aim of the league shall be to organise and promote the game of pool and

the pursuit of excellence of its members through friendly and sportsman-like

competition in individual and team events.



3.1     ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING, there must be 50% of the member teams

in attendance before the meeting can take place. The AGM is an open meeting

with 2 votes per team.

3.2     All affairs of the league shall be managed by the executive committee.

3.3     The executive committee shall consist of chairman, match secretary,

treasurer and two other member.

3.4  The league will meet on a regular basis at the premises of a team member, the

date and venue to be decided at each meeting.

3.5      At such meetings the quorum shall be 50% of the member teams in attendance

Before the meeting can be held. Where less than a quorum attend a meeting any

decisions made must be ratified at the next meeting of the league where a quorum


3.6     The executive committee will have all the powers necessary for the full and

efficient running of the league.

3.7     No decisions will be made which conflicts with the law of the land or the

rights of the individuals.

3.8     Any decisions made by the executive committee will be binding on all

members until set aside by an AGM or SGM called for that purpose. Where any

member or team disagree with any decision made by the executive committee

they have the right to appeal to the full body of the hall (15.6).

3.9     All rulings and decisions required between league meetings for the day to

day management of the league shall be undertaken by the executive committee.

Such actions and decisions shall be transmitted at the next league meeting.

3.10    Any alterations or additions to constitution will be made only at the AGM 

or SGM called for that purpose.



4.1     Team representatives shall be elected by their own teams in a democratic

manner. Their names, addresses and date of births shall be registered with the


4.2     Officials shall be elected at each AGM. Their term of office shall be the

period between election to office and the next AGM.

4.3     Officials may have their own term of office increased to more than one year

where the league council deem this to increase the effective running of the

league or to maintain consistency of officials.



5.1     At each AGM officials will be required to stand down but will still be eligible

for re-election, except in the cases of 4.3 above.

5.2     No official may be removed from office except at an SGM called for that

purpose, the only exception being where such official is suspended for

disciplinary reasons.

5.3     Any official wishing to resign his post shall give notice at a league council

meeting and shall continue in office until the following meeting by which he or

she must have satisfactorily completed his or her duties to that point and be in a

position to hand over office to the successor in an orderly manner including all

the relevant paperwork.

5.4     The successor to any vacated office shall be appointed by the league.




( a )     The chairman shall conduct all meetings, ensuring that business is

           undertaken in an orderly fashion and in accordance with the constitution.

( b )     When the chairman considers a members conduct to be out of order

            he may ask the league council to remove the said member from the meeting

            before it continues.

( c )      Any member of the sub-committee is authorised to take over the

            running of a meeting, when the chairman is not present. This will apply to that

            meeting only.


( a )      The secretary shall prepare accurate minutes of all proceedings and deal 

             with all correspondence. He shall have custody of all minute books

             and other documentation pertaining to the league.

( b )      In the absence of the sectretary, a member of the committee shall

             undertake his duties at the meeting only.

( c )      The secretary in conjuction with the other committee members arrange  

             for any matters arising between league meetings to be dealt with as

             appropriate and advise the league of such decisions for their approval

( d )      For each league meeting the secretary shall prepare an agenda and such 

             reports as necessary for each meeting.


( a )      The treasurer shall receive and disburse all monies due to and by the

             league, ensuring that receipts are given and obtained for all transactions.

( b )      He shall keep true and full accounts and books showing the finacial affairs

             of the league.

( c )      He shall prepare a statement of these affairs and present same at each 

             league meeting. 

( d )      He shall pay all collected monies into a bank account opened up on the

             leagues behalf and shall operate such account jointly with either the

             chairman or secretary

( e )      Monies received by the treasurer at meetings shall be placed in the stated

             bank account at earliest available opportunity and in any case not later than

             the following scheduled meeting. He shall produce bank vouchers to show 

             that all monies have been lodged into the account.

( f  )      In the event that such vouchers or other proof is not produced the treasurer 

             shall not, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, collect any futher monies

             until such vouchers have been produced.

( g )      It shall, in such cases, be within the power of the league to appoint a

             member who shall take custody of all monies forwarded at the meeting and

             shall be responsible for their lodgement to the aforementioned bank account.





7      VOTING

7.1     Voting shall be by a show of hands or a secret ballot, one vote per person.

7.2     A vote shall be required at any meeting where a divergence of opinion is

expressed on any ruling.

7.3     Any motion or amendment tabled will require to be proposed and seconded

by two separate vote holders.

7.4     In all cases a majority of one shall be sufficient to carry a proposal.

7.5     At an AGM or SGM the league shall consist of officials and not more than

two representatives from each team.

7.6     In the event of a tied vote on any issues the chairman has the casting vote,

this being the only instance where the chairman has voting power.

 7.7   Members of the league committee, including sub-committee members,

who are not registered with a team this season are able to vote on any matter during meetings.

7.8     Members of the leagu sub-committee are allowed to vote on any matter during meetings,

provided they have NOT registered with a team this season.



8.1     Membership shall be available to any person over the age of eighteen years

and may be taken up at any time. Persons aged between sixteen and eighteen

must have specific approval from the league to participate.

8.2      Where the member is under eighteen he will be subject to rules and

regulations of the premises he or she is playing in. The league will have no jurisdiction

over whether he or she is admitted to the premises in the first instance.

8.3      League membership to be capped at sixteen. 



9.1      All Teams are required to register with the league at the AGM.

9.2      The league may approve registration of teams after the AGM in appropriate


9.3      Players registration forms and team sheets along with other pertinent information

(league fixtures, constitution, etc) will be issued to terms before the season in book form.

This book must be brought to all monthly meeting by the team representative.

9.4      Each team must complete a registration sheet, contained within the book

issued by the league, showing all their players and those under eighteen for approval.

Registration sheets will be copied from this book at the first meeting after the AGM.

9.5      Teams wishing to sign player(s) from outside the LEVENMOUTH

DISTRICT can register any player, requesting permission from the league

There are no restrictions on the number of out of district players who can be

signed, and no restrictions on the number who play during a league match.

9.6      Players termed out of district who have played for three consecutive

Seasons in the league are to be regarded as in-district.

9.7     Any licenses premises having a pool table shall be eligible for entry to the

league except where specifically excluded by the AGM or subsequent league

meetings provided said premises are situated within the boundaries of the

Levenmouth District.

9.8      Any further signings of players not on the team registration sheet should

be written on the team sheet for that game and handed in at the next league


9.9     Teams may sign players any time who have not played with any other team,

except 100 ball final.

9.10     A signed player is a player who has actually played for a team. A player

who has not played on the table for any team is free to sign for and play for any

team in the league.

9.11     Registered players can transfer clubs once during the season, Players can

transfer teams at the disretion of the league committee, up until the last league match of

the season. Players wishing to transfer will require the approval of the league secretary

and the agreement of the two captains. If there is any disagreement between the two 

captains it then has to be brought to a monthly meeting. Each team is allowed to take a

maximum of two players. The only exception to this rule is if the team disbands.


10      FEES

10.1 The level of all fees shall be set at each AGM and shall be valid for the

current season or until amended at a SGM called for that purpose.

10.2 The following Fees are payable:

        ( a )      Registration fee - payable once per season ( £150.00 ).

        ( b )      Competition fee - 100 Ball ( £10 ) per team

                                                 Five Man Team ( £10 ) per team

                                                 Three Man Team ( £3 ) per head

                                                 Doubles ( £3 ) per head

                                                 Singles ( £3 ) per head

                                                 Seniors ( £3 ) per head

                                                 Singles Under 25 Years ( £3 ) per head

                                                 Masters Singles 25-49 Years of age ( £3 )

                                                 per head

                                                 Captain/Vice Captain ( £3 ) per head

         ( c )      Fees must be paid at AGM or no later than seven days following                                                                                                    

         ( d )      New teams - bonded £50 re-payable if team completes the season.

         ( e )       Competition fees must be paid before play is allowed in the competition


          ( f )       Any team or players from this league will pay their own entry fees to any

SPA competitions.

All Registration and competition monies to be paid to the TREASURER only.


11      FINES

11.1 Non-attendance at a meeting ( £10 ). 

11.2 Failure to remit team sheets to the secretary by the next meeting will result

in a fine imposed on the team of  ( £2.00 ).

11.3 Team sheets to be filled in properly.

11.4 Non fulfilment of fixture, ( £20.00 )  fine, ( £15.00 ) to opposing team and

( £5.00 ) to the league. If the opposing team is contacted 24 hours before the start

of the fixture, the fine will be reduced ( £10), ( £5 ) to the league. 

11.5 Failure to telephone result ( £2.00 ).

11.6 The level of fines detailed in 11.1, 11.2, 11.3,11.4,11.5, 11.8, 11.9 and 11.10

shall be set at each AGM.

11.7 It shall be within the power of the league to levy such fines as appropriate

in all circumstances where breaches of rules etc occur.

11.8 Any team or person who has won a league trophy must bring it back in the 

condition that they received it in. Failure to do so will lead to a ( £10 ) fine 

or a cost to repair or replace. 

11.9 Non Fulfilment for 100 Ball Fixtures, same fine as 11.4 (£20.00). If the

opposing team is contacted 24 hours or more before the start of the fixture, 

the fine will be reduced ( £10 ).

11.10 Non Fulfilment of 5 man team fixture (£10.00) fine.



12.1 Monies owing from any team shall be fully paid at each league meeting.

12.2 It shall be the responsibility of the teams to collect all fees and fines due by

their members and to remit such monies to the league.

12.3 In the event that any team still has monies outstanding at the close of any

season, the member of that team shall be responsible for payment of such

monies, the responsibility of each member being pro-rata. Payment of the future

time and for which ever team.

12.4 Where a team owe money to the league, this must be paid at the next league

meeting at which the fine was imposed. Where a team fails to pay their dues they

will be in dept, suspended and will not be allowed to participate competitively

until dues are paid. Where a team is short of funds this rule may be relaxed by a

decision at a league meeting.

12.5 In the event of a team disbanding, where monies are due to the league by

the team, then all registered players in that team must pay a pro-rata share

calculated by the secretary before they can play in the league ever again.



13.1 World Pool - Billiard Association Black Ball rules are applicable with the 

exception that each game lagged for break (this game shall be known as Black 

Ball). Game can be played with a white/spot ball, providing the captains agree.

13.2 League matches will be a total of 16 games, consisting of 2 sets of 6 singles

followed by 1 set of 4 singles. there are no doubles games. Team sheets to be filled in

blind and completed by 8.30pm (all names playing in the first set plus all substitutes).

Players can contest up to a maximum of one game in each of the three sets. A lag is to

be used for deciding the break in all 16 games. (Still with alternative referees).

13.3 2 points will be awarded to the winning team for a win. The losing team

will not receive a point. 1 point will be awarded to both teams for a drawn match.

A drawn match will NOT be decided by a black ball shoot-out.

13.4 A minimum of 5 players are required for each league match. If a team only has

4 players, the match will be forfeited. If a team can only field 5 players, th names will be

filled in on the team sheet for games 1-5 ( in sets 1 & 2 ), with games 6 forfeited.

The maximum amount of names that can be put on the team sheet is 6 players and 4 subs.

13.5 Any team /players have to be on the premises by 8.00pm for all league

competitions but common sense should be used if a team player has phoned ahead that

they are running late and will be there.

13.6 All 16 games MUST be played unless agreed by the Home team.

13.7  Once the match is completed the home captain will complete the team sheet and get the

opposing team to sign it as well , except where there is a protest. Protest procedure should

be followed as in section 15. The final result must be printed on each team sheet. The book

containing team sheets must be brought to all monthly meetings by the team representative,

to enable copies of all team sheets to be obtained by the committee.

13.8 Where a team fails to turn up for a match they will be liable for a fine and will meet any

expenses of the home team in supplying hospitality.

13.9 All matches will start at 8.00pm

13.10 If there is a tie between two teams for the league title, A play-off match will take place at

a neutral venue. The format for this match only will be 2 sets 6 singles and 1 set of 5 singles,

to ensure a winner.



14.1 100 BALL is to be played in knockout format, with rules as per league 

games. Final to be played on finals day. The first team to reach 100 wins.

Both teams require a minimum of 6 players for a 100 ball match to proceed.

14.2 LEAGUE SINGLES competition to be round one best of three, round

two best of five and the final best of seven.

14.3 LEAGUE DOUBLES competition to revert back to normal doubles

instead of Scotch doubles. round one best of 3 doubles, round two best of

5 doubles, The final best of 5 doubles.

14.4 Scotch Doubles Competition to be played and called the (MARK BRODIE CUP)

All persons entered will be drawn with a random partner (free draw). Round one best of

5 scotch doubes, Final best of 5 scotch doubles.

14.5 THREE MAN TEAM All rounds to be round robin format.

14.6  CAPTAIN /VICE CAPTAIN COMPETITION - Team Captains and Vice Captainsare

eligible to play. If either are not able to play, the player representing the team at

monthly meetings can play in this competition. This competition is to be played on

Thusday to encourage more participation. First round and final are both best of

5 games (4 singles -1v1, 2v2,1v2, 2v1 with a double decider if died after singles)


one best of 9, round 2 best of 9 and the final best of 9.


Format for round one best of 9 singles,round 2 best of 9 singles and the final best 

of 9 singles.


best of 9, round 2 best of 9 and the final best of 9.

14.10 KNOCKOUT / CONSOLATION CUP - If there is capacity during the league season,

this cup will be arranged. Teams will be decided on league positions at the end of the 

first half of the season. Knockout Cup will consist of teams in the top half of the league,

Consolation Cup will consist of teams in the bottom half of the league. Format for both

cups is to be the same as for a league match.

14.11 Players wishing to enter competitions must play in at least 25% of all

matches or be listed as a substitute, from the start of the season to the date when

entries for competitions are received by the league committee. Team Captains must

check team sheets and remove/score out names of playeres who are not on the 

premises for that night This will be monitored

14.12 All Competitions are to be played on a Thursday night. Venues are to be arranged

by the League.

14.13 FINALS DAY Will consist of finals only for all competition. To be arranged on a

sunday afternoon.

14.14 If any players/team qualified for finals day do not turn up, they will forfeit any

prize money due to them.


15.1 Where During a game a dispute arises and this dispute is not resolved by

the players or referee or the team captains and the captain or  player wishes to

protest over the situation then the team sheet must not be signed. The word

PROTEST must be written on the team sheet.

15.2 Within a period of seven days the player or team captain must write a letter

to the secretary and the opposing team player / captain, advising of the protest

enclosing the appropriate protest fee ( £5.00 ).

15.3 All protests will be dealt with by the committee who will investigate each

protest and make their decision known to the league.

15.4 Any committee member who is involved with any team in a protest situation

will not be allowed to participate in the investigation.

15.5 The committee will call such witnesses as necessary to deal with any protest.

Any team or player who does not turn up to an investigation will have their case

judged in their absence. A team or player who is successful in their protest shall

have their protest fees refunded.

15.6 In the event of a protest where a team feel they cannot agree with the

committee decision or have not had a fair hearing they have the right to appeal

to the ‘BODY OF THE HALL’.



16.1 The home team are responsible for having the pool table in the best playing

condition possible and where the table clearly does not meet this criteria the

opposing team has the right not to commence the match until the table is rectified.

16.2 The home team must make the pool table available to the away team ten

minutes prior to the start of the match. The home team must provide some


16.3 All teams are asked to acquaint themselves with the rules of the game and

that any player who referees any match must have the necessary knowledge of

the game. A player or referee who does not know the rules will have no come

back for any error he may have made through lack of knowledge of the rules.

16.4 At the end of the season, teams who have won competitions or come

runner-up in various tournaments will be rewarded with trophy or monetary prize

to be decided by the committee.

16.5 Such trophies or monetary prizes will be presented at a prize giving night at

the end of the season.



17.1 Any member whose conduct is liable to bring the league into dispute shall

be liable for suspension.

17.2 It will at the discretion of the committee as to what constitutes such

conduct, however, the misuse of league or team funds or the perpetration of

violence at a league function will always be rewarded with suspension. This does

not preclude the right of an individual to self-defence from an unprovoked attack.



18.1 A SGM may be called at any time by members.

18.2 Request for such a meeting must be made in writing to the secretary and

must only be signed by team captain or representative at meeting and must

detail which rule is to be changed and what the proposals are for the new rule


18.3 A request for a SGM must be signed by more than 70% of the league


18.4 Only such business as is detailed in the written request shall de discussed

at the SGM.

18.5 It shall be the duty of the secretary to call an SGM within one month of

receipt of a proper written request.



19.1 The affairs and proceedings of the league may be terminated at an AGM or

SGM called for that purpose.

19.2 A motion for dissolution of the league shall require the support of a

two-thirds majority of the total voting Population of the league, that is, voters

not in attendance and voters in abstention shall be counted as being against




20.1 Upon dissolution of the league all outstanding Debts owed by the league

shall be paid from funds and all debts to the league shall be called in.

20.2 The balance of monies shall be split equally amongst the teams in the


20.3 Should the total sum for distribution be less than one hundred pounds

(£100.00), then that sum shall be donated to a charity to be determined at the

time by the management council.



1 After the last house going out of East Wemyss towards Kirkcaldy.

2 At the turning towards Buckhaven from the Standing Stane road.

3 After the last house going out of Windygates towards Glenrothes.

4 After the last house out of Kennoway towards the Star of Markinch.

5 After the last house going out of Bonnybank towards Cupar.

6 After the last house going out of Leven towards Cupar.

7 After the entrance to Silverburn.

This constitution shall take effect from August 2017 and shall not be amended

or added to in any way except at the AGM or SGM. Taking up membership of

 the league shall constitute acceptance in full to this constitution.


Played as per the normal game and rules, yet the pair of players take alternate

SHOTS each time a ball is played or potted – even at break when 2 shots are



If you are on a team with Boris and You pot a ball, your team’s visit continues

But Boris takes the next shot. You and Boris continue to rotate shots until one

Player misses. At this point the other team’s visit begins.

Players MUST alternate with partner. If not played in turn this will be a foul

And two shots to the opposing team; with normal foul rules applying.

Most importantly TALKING/DISCUSSING for team ion play is NOT allowed

Between SHOTS (except after the break). TALKING/DISCUSSING can only

Be held between VISITS (when playing side changes) or when team is not in

Play at the table

Breaks are to alternate between players, and alternate between teams (break

Shot does not count as a shot) – eg Frame 1: team A. Frame 2: team B,

Player A. Frame 3: team A, player B. Frame 4: team B, player B. There is no

Change for any desider frame it just goes in turn.