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Finals Day 11 June Registration at 12 Noon. League Singles Semi-Finals, Doubles, 3 Man Team, 100 Ball, Masters.

IM5 Fixtures & results 

SPA Scottish Singles Draw Deadline Date 1 October 2017

SPA Scottish Doubles Draw Deadline 13th August 2017

IM4 Fixtures & Results

Masters 3rd Round (Quarter-Finals) to be played by 10 April 2017

Doubles 2nd Round (Quarter-Finals) 30 March 2017

3 Man Team 2nd Round (Quarter-Finals) 27 April 2017

League Singles 2nd Round (Last 16) 11 May 2017

IM3 Fixtures & Results

IM2 Fixtures & Results 

IM1 Fixtures & Results

Singles Draw 9 March 1st Round

Super 11's Levenmouth'D Fixtures, Results, League Table & Player Stats

Super 11's Levenmouth 'B Fixtures, Results, League Table & Player Stats

Captain Vice Captain 23 February 1st Round

3 Man Team Draw 22 December 1st Round

Singles Draw 8 December 1st Round


Week 21, April Player of the month was Ellis Dryburgh - Central Matches 2, Won 6, Lost 0, Won Lag 3

Week 19, March Player of the month was Scott Wedderburn - Brig 'B Matches 2, Won 6, Lost 0, Won Lag 6 

Week 17, February Player of the month was a three way tie with Stephen Raffery, Graham Raeburn & Robert Warrender all having 3 Matches, 7 Wins, 1 lose but with Stephen having won 5 lags gets the win this month. 

Week 14, January Player of the month was Kane Patton - Swan 'A Matches 2, Won 5, Lost 0 Won Lag 3

Week 12, Nov/Dec Player of the month was Stoo Warren - Swan 'A. Matches 3, Won 8, Lost 1 Won Lag 4

Week 9, October Player of the month was Jamie Logie - Douglas 'B. Matches 3, Won 6, Lost 1, Won Lag 5

Week 6, September Player of the month was Brian O'Donnell - Auld Hoose 'A. Matches 5, Won 11 Lost 4, Won Lag 11

Week 1 Levenmouth Pool Season started 25th August, 13 squads this season in the league, Aw the best o luck to all the teams entered this season. Den with a mixture of Windsor, Molly Malones & Den players from last season win well at home after being 4-2 down they won the last 10 games versus Central 12-4. McPhails win vesus new boys Swan 'B (Kennoway Young boys) 10-6, Brig 'A who finished runner-up last season win versus last seasons Scoonie GC 11-5. Auld Hoose 'A look a stong squad again with 3 new players see of the new challenge from Auld Hoose 'B made up from players from Glenrothes 13-3.  Douglas 'A last seasons champions still look a strong squad this season winning 10-6 versus Brig 'B who were Argyll last season & Skins. Swan 'A made up from Kennoway players & Rab C won after being 4-2 down after the 1st set going on to win 10-6 vesus Windsor. Sunbeam have a freeweek with 5 of the team from last season leaving for Swan 'A (not Jazzy though).

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