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Captain Vice Captain 1st Round

100 Ball Semi-Final

Scotch Doubles  Quarter-Finals 19 April

Masters Singles 3rd Round  

Levenmouth Singles 3rd Round 17 May 2018     

Finals Day Sunday 27 May 2018 - Brig

Presentation Friday 8 June 2018- Brig


Levemouth Qualifiers (7 + 1 top64)

IM2 Draw ��
Round 4 - 256
Saturday 21st April
Ranking from end of 2017 season

Cue Here, Airdrie
10am (76) Robert Hoey Jnr vs Scott Simpson
10am Brian Thomson vs Andrew Gray (906)
11am (61) Andrew Norrie vs Billy Black
4pm Derek Allan vs Greg Morris (243)
5pm (199) Gordon Anderson Jnr vs Euan Waddell

Ballroom, Bellshill
10am William Lindsay vs Stuart Smith (249)
5pm (??) Ges Bass vs Callum King

Tj's Motherwell
2pm (59) Danny Kianey vs Scott Spencer


IM1 Draw ��

Round 4 - 256
Saturday 3rd March Cancelled
Changed date : Saturday 2nd June
Opponents Ranking
Venue - Ballroom Meadowbank
1pm Mike Paterson vs David Kane (??)
1pm (128) Kev Corcoran vs Alan Dickson
1pm (33) Martin Jones vs Soapy Simpson
2pm Deek Allan vs John Browlie (377)
2pm (8) Alan Saunders vs Simon Johnston
4pm (69) Chris Corcoran vs James Anderson Snr
4pm Brian Thomson vs Mark Murray (260)
Venue - Shandon Edinburgh
1pm William Lindsay vs Fraser Andrews (??)
(??) no ranking


Super 11's Division 1 Last 16 Levenmouth 'A 3-6 Uddingston 'B

Super 11's Division 2 Final Levenmouth 'B 5-6 Falkirk 'D

Super 11's Division 2 Quarter-Final Levenmouth 'D 2-6 Levenmouth 'B

Super 11's Final Qualifier Levenmouth 'C 4-6 Dingwall 'B

Levenmouth SPA Super's & IM Page 2018



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